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Join THIRDHOME’s exclusive property-exchange community to stay in luxury vacation properties around the world, without rental fees.

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Join the World's Largest Upscale Home Exchange Network.

THIRDHOME is an exclusive platform that connects homeowners with luxury vacation properties around the world. By making your luxury home available to other THIRDHOME travellers, you get access to our database of private residences, yachts, castles and more – all without rental fees.

“I’ve saved about $8,000 to $35,000 on each trip. I’m so glad I joined 5 years ago – initially thought it was too good to be true.”
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Extraordinary Properties, Unforgettable Experiences

Extraordinary Properties

Explore one-of-a-kind properties in top destinations around the globe. From seaside retreats to European adventures, THIRDHOME hosts over 14,000 luxury properties.

And see all our luxury properties.

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Experience 14,000 Luxury Properties
Properties on THIRDHOME range from $1M - $50M in value





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Our platform allows you to turn any luxury home into thousands of lavish stays for you and your family. After first reviewing your property and assigning a “key” or travel credit for a guest’s one-week stay, THIRDHOME allows you immediate access to a trusted members-only community of luxury homes in premium destinations.

Protecting your valuable assets is a 24/7 priority. Our model means only like-minded Club members will have access to your home, treating it as if it were their own. Furthermore, in the event of any incurred damages, we are integrated with a renowned risk-management partner that gives members up to $5 million in coverage.

In addition to features in The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and Forbes, THIRDHOME has collected over 13,000 user reviews since launching in 2010.

THIRDHOME is proud to offer some of the best destinations and availability in the industry—over 100 countries. Members can access private homes, 5-star resorts, boutique hotels, yachts, and even private islands. To maximize your chances of finding perfect stays, we discourage guests from signing up with just a single week or destination in mind.

No, though we advise you to put items away in an owner closest if feasible. Our members expect that the THIRDHOME guests will treat their homes as you would your own, and any list of house rules is permitted to maintain your personal comfort level.

THIRDHOME is free to join when you add qualifying “in-season” weeks to the Club. Annual dues of $295 are required after your first year of membership, but only if you travel in that given year.

When booking a stay through THIRDHOME Exchange, you pay an exchange fee ranging from $495 to $1,395 per week, with the average being $700— over 90% in savings. The exchange fee will vary based on the number of keys required to book that specific home.

During registration, we review your home and assign a “key value” based on how desirable your home is to our Club. We calculate the number of keys you receive on the week(s) you submit to the Club, with additional keys earned for more desirable times of the year.

No. By submitting your week 90 days or more before the check-in date, you will earn Keys and can book a stay immediately—even if your home does not receive a booking.

You can withdraw your membership at any time at no cost.

Each stay with THIRDHOME is seven nights.

For simplicity, the owner of the second home always pays the cleaning fee.

Neither. We are a non-simultaneous private exchange that only involves upscale residences. This exchange model enables our members to book stays immediately and creates the most outstanding availability of any exchange club in the industry. In addition, THIRDHOME is more desirable because members must have a second home or a uniquely qualified primary home to join the Club, creating trust and accountability between members.
Luxury Properties
$1M - $50M
Property Value
Property Value

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